Screenshots of interactions encouraged in the design of the game

commendationsHere we see the commendation system where players can choose to commend one another. You can only commend another player when you are in game with them and you have to choose one of the categories available; friendly, forgiving, teaching, and leadership.


This image shows how Valve integrates the community workshop into their main game.  The workshop is a system Valve put in where players can submit their designs for in game item cosmetics.  If the community likes the designs enough, Valve can put in the item and the designers get a percentage of the profit the item makes.

workshop at international

Even at the International 2014 (the largest tournament for Dota 2) there were workshop creator sessions where members of the community were asked to come and teach lessons about 3D modeling and other techniques related to creating items in Dota 2.


There is a team function in Dota that enables players to create their own competitive team and challenge other player made teams either in matchmaking or in tournaments.

steam workshop

Valve also integrated a feature that directly links to submitting your work to the workshop.  It explains how to use the workshop and how to submit your own material to it.

solo mmr

In terms of measurement of a player’s competitive skill, Valve put in an MMR(matchmaking rating) system.  There is a solo MMR and a party MMR.  You can only play in your solo MMR bracket when you search for a game by yourself.


Dota also encourages bringing new players into the game.  There is both a coaching system as well as a recruitment system.  The recruitment system is pictured and it a way for new players to get a boost when playing with the person who recruited them.

item quiz

A little shopkeeper’s quiz can be taken when players are searching for a match.  This encourages players to learn the different items that build into larger items in the game, fueling the competitive interaction of the game.


One of the more interesting interactions is the fantasy league for Dota 2.  This is similar to fantasy football where players make their own team comprised of competitive Dota 2 players and fantasy points are scored by the players during competitive matches.  The player’s fantasy team is pitted up against other fantasy teams for weekly match ups.


This is another photo of the fantasy league rankings.


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