Games impacting players

From Interaction to Impact: 3 Games That Engage Players in 3 Different Ways

This article speaks mainly on how games impact players to respond in a certain way.  It really touches on how games are not just a story that you can read or watch, but games can tell a story that the players actively participates in.  This creates a deeper interaction and can potentially influence and impact players more than other types of storytelling.

“Gaming, on the other hand, is interactive; it’s a two-way street in which players have agency, or control, in the story.”

I think this is a great statement from the article as it relates to my research.  I don’t think that this two way street necessarily needs to be on the basis of a story.  Sometimes, the deepest interactions you can get in a game have nothing to do with a story that you are following, but with other people who are playing the game with you.  I definitely think gaming is a two way street where players influence their own experience in the game.


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