League of Legends tribunal research

LoL Tribunal research, their FAQ:


  • Why doesn’t Riot post a list of rules for what you can be banned for?

    We believe in giving the community what it needs to define itself and that includes what is acceptable or unacceptable behavior. Any rules provided by Riot Games could unnecessarily influence the community.

    • I find this very interesting because Dota 2 provides 4 categories when one is reported that the report should fall under.  However, it does not cover all cases and it is sometimes tough to put a report down that doesn’t match exactly with the category.  I think leaving it open has its benefits as well as its drawbacks.
  • Can I be banned for not playing the meta?

    Players are not banned by the Tribunal for not playing the meta; they are banned for consistently creating negative experiences for others.

    We have data suggesting that reviewers of Tribunal cases are very thoughtful and accurate in their verdicts, so if you were reported for not playing the meta but were being a positive player, you can expect to be judged fairly.

    In general, players should feel empowered to play what they want and to try new strategies; however, this does not give you a license to be disrespectful or rude to your fellow gamers.

  • Can I be banned for playing an unpopular champion?

    No, the Tribunal does not ban players for playing unpopular champions. You should feel empowered to play any champion you like, any way you like as long as you’re creating a positive experience for everyone in the game.

    • These two points are interesting as it addresses the fact that players will flame one another frequently if they are not “playing” a popular or “strong” hero.  It is important to remember that players should be able to play whichever champion or hero they want to regardless of how underpowered it is.  It is also important to note that players will also get flamed for playing overpowered heroes and hey are considered “cheap” if they do. (need to get screen-caps of this happening)
  • Why is verbal abuse punishable if there is a mute button/language filter?

    Players shouldn’t need to rely on features like the mute button or language filter to engage with other players in positive ways. When a player verbally abuses another player and forces him to use the mute button, they have already created a negative experience for that player.

    • This is an excellent point as players are already affected by the toxic person if they have to mute them.  Their experience of playing the game is already negative.
  • What is the Justice Rating?

    The Justice Rating is the relative skill level of Tribunal contributors based on how often and how accurately they vote. Players get bonus rating for getting streaks of correct cases.

    • Interesting that there are designed rewards for players who participate in this in order to encourage the community to upkeep itself.  Definitely a good motivator.

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