Social interaction in Online Gaming

How Does Online Gaming Affect Social Interactions?

“Collaboration with other players may be a prerequisite for making progress in a game, or a game may be based on competition between players.”

This is very true for a fair amount of online games, specifically competitive ones.  The players are not necessarily “required” to collaborate with one another to play these games, but it is essential to work together in order to be successful at these kinds of games.  Competitive team games such as Gears of War, Starcraft 2, Dota 2, and League of Legends all can be played without talking with one’s teammates.  But by even playing the team game you are already agreeing to work together to overcome another team of players.

“Shared values and goals are the basis on which a shared understanding and a sense of community are built on.”

This article states several points that may seem obvious to gamers or people who are a part of a community.  I feel it is important to bring these points up directly as it is relevant in many circumstances.  I have many experiences where I played games and became a part of a specific community.  Through my times of playing on my Xbox 360, I gained some online friends that I still talk to today.

“Online multiplayer communities are susceptible to changes. Old communities perish and new ones are born constantly, and gamers frequently shift between communities. However, the social networks and personal relationships that form the base of these communities may survive even through the disbandment of a community. It is possible that a new multiplayer community rises out of the old one’s ashes.”

However, this is a very true statement.  Out of all of the communities I became apart of due to online interaction or gaming, I have a select few where my relationships survived through the disbandment of the community.  I have even fewer where a new community came out of the older one.

Regardless, It is important to note that the interaction that is facilitated by online games can be very conducive to the formation of a community.  I think that Valve pushes this community formation in Dota 2 with their designed elements such as guilds, teams, coaches, the workshop, and even tournament tickets.


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