Designed features in affinity spaces and other games

1. Chat channel in Twitch

– Offers the viewers a way to communicate with the streamer as well as each other.

– Different than chat channels like youtube or even in game chat channels because Twitch offers real time feedback with the streamer and other viewers.

– Similar to spectator chat, this chat often acts as a back channel where spectators talk about other things besides the game.

2. Theater mode and customization in Halo 3

– Gives players a way to share the content and to remember moments from playing the game

– Very similar to other theater modes such as Call of Duty and it was the first of its kind to do this type of design.

– Players really used this as intended but also took this opportunity to create unique content to share with one another their experiences or show their imagination in the map and game mode customization.

3. Map design in Halo 2

– Designed to keep players in the bounds of the game while playing online.

– plenty of games use map boundaries and invisible barriers to keep players in.

– Halo 2, players learned how to abuse the map glitch out of the barriers.  There would be glitching lobbies where players would interact around glitching out of the map and exhibit the skill necessary to do so.  These tricks would also be used online and sometimes gave the player an unfair advantage over others.  A similar thing occurs in Gears of War online.


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