5 ways to lose in esports


original link to video about 5 ways to lose in esports

Interesting post responses related to Dota 2:

Aikage’s post about his Dota 2 version

DOTA 2: 5 ways to lose like a winner

1. Get three of your Peruvian friends together. Play on NA servers. All pick carries. Lose. Blame 4th person as being a noob.

2. Pretend you’re russian. Just yell Cyka a lot.

3. Don’t talk at all. Ever. Who needs communication in team games. Also mute everyone.

4. Readjust your goal to, “How long can I stay in the jungle/farm top lane while my team gets slaughtered in team fight after team fight?”

5. Ragequit. Keeping it classy since 1990.

Interesting photo about player interaction in Dota 2 where a large amount of players are selfish and will pick greedy roles rather than the support role.



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